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With practice officially underway for the Martinsville Late Model Stock race, NASCAR has provided an official entry list for the most prestigious event in the discipline.

The 2017 running of the Valley Star Credit Union 300 is even more special because it’s the first race under the new LED lighting system. In fact, 90 cars have entered the event to chase a $25,000 check and the storied grandfather clock trophy. It features track champions from all across the Virginias and Carolinas and NASCAR champions too.

The complete entry list can be viewed below.

  1. Sweeney, James
  2. Pierce, Brandon
  3. Holdren, Dennis
  4. Lecht, Matt
  5. Noles, Trevor
  6. Snider, Myatt
  7. Crum, Annabeth
  8. Findley, Jonathan
  9. Phipps, Tim
  10. Moore, John
  11. McCarty, Ronnie
  12. Pulliam, Lee
  13. Crider, Justin
  14. Byrd, Jamie
  15. Ward, Dylan
  16. Scott, Thomas
  17. Alfredo, Anthony
  18. Kurth, Brad
  19. Oakley, Jeff
  20. Wilson, Ryan
  21. Thaxton, Austin
  22. Gray, Ryan
  23. Peters, Timothy
  24. Smith, Nick
  25. Repko, Ryan
  26. VanDyke, Kres
  27. Smith, R.D.
  28. Puryear, Stacy
  29. Reedy, Bryan
  30. Gibbs, Ty
  31. Gillespie, Bobby
  32. York, Jason
  33. Bowen, Cameron
  34. Swaim, Travis
  35. Darne, Mike
  36. Neal, Tommy
  37. Cullather, Grayson
  38. Lancaster, Scott
  39. McCarty, Bobby
  40. Powell, Robert
  41. Canipe Jr., Dexter
  42. Garrett, Colin
  43. Diaz, Mason
  44. Lancaster, Derrick
  45. Eastep, Craig
  46. Edwards Jr., Danny
  47. Sellers, Peyton
  48. Beard, Coy
  49. Lemons Jr., Tommy
  50. Barnes, Jason
  51. Causey, Macy
  52. Wallace, Jimmy
  53. Snow, Justin
  54. Smith, Owen
  55. Gray, Adam
  56. Johnson, Justin
  57. Moody, Haley
  58. Caudill, Jamey
  59. Davis, Wendell
  60. Chapman, Chris
  61. Wertz, Mark
  62. Johnson, Eddie
  63. Carroll, Justin T.
  64. Mullins, Jimmy
  65. Hicks, Justin
  66. Matthews, Tyler
  67. Anderson, Bruce
  68. Millington, Ryan
  69. Stallings, Blake
  70. Ward, Trevor
  71. Gillespie, Ricky
  72. Fryar, Jared
  73. Beggarly, Barry
  74. Bowling, Matt
  75. Looney, Mike
  76. Berry, Josh
  77. Carroll, Terry
  78. Carroll, Justin S.
  79. Wyatt, Casey
  80. Heafner, Jacob
  81. Morris, Philip
  82. Crum, Jake
  83. Falk III, C.E.
  84. Queen, Brenden
  85. Barrett, Larry
  86. Bailey, Mason
  87. Scites, Davin
  88. Ward, Dean
  89. Ward, Kevin
  90. McCaskill, Deac

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Matt Weaver is the owner and founder of Short Track Scene. Weaver grew up in the sport, having raced himself before becoming a reporter in college at the University of South Alabama. He is also the associate motorsports editor of Autoweek Magazine and its website, which allows him to cover the highest levels of the sport.

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